Free Trademark Registration in Chennai

Free Trademark Registration in Coimbatore

A trademark registration is a special character which makes an item or administration novel that stands out from the rest that is similar to it. The special articulation or extraordinary character can be a logo, slogan, photograph, word, smell, and sound, shading combination or graphics and so on. The greater part of the companies usually decide for registration of the name or logo of the business as it were. In the event that you want to think of an interesting logo or idea, the lone conceivable way is to enlist it as a trademark to ensure the name or logo as your own remarkable character for a long time. An enlisted trademark is technically known as the business’ intangible asset or intellectual property. It resembles a defensive front of the company’s investment made in their novel logo or brand.

Trademark Registration

In India, trademarks are regulate and enlist under the Regulator General of Patents, Plans and Trademarks, Service of Industry and Business, Administration of India. And it tends to enrolled under the act The Trademark Act, 1999. The registration allows the company the option to sue against an individual or element whoever attempts to duplicate your trademark name or logo or brand. In straightforward terms, nobody can utilize a trademark similar to the one which is already enlist by another individual or substance.

Assuming you register a trademark, you can utilize a R image with your trademark, and the validity of that particular registration measure is about 10 years exactly from the date of registration. Actually, obtaining a ™ is easy as it takes around 3 days whereas to obtain a ®, it takes nearly 2 years. In case, if your free trademark registration in Chennai is nearing its expiry date, it very well may re-enlisted or restored for another ten years.

According to the trademark rules of India, things like sound, words, logo, phrases, images, colours, images, initials or a combination of all the referenced can enlisted as a trademark. All of these things ought to made use to make your company or business stand out from the group or from a similar business.

Substances like Private firms, companies, individuals, LLP’s, or NGO’s can apply for free trademark registration in Chennai. Companies like NGOs, LLP’s have to apply for the registration interaction in the name of the concerned business.

Importance of Free trademark registration in Coimbatore

Free Trademark Registration in Chennai

Business Opportunity

An item or administration that has marketed under an enrolled trademark aids in developing trust, quality, reliability, and generosity in the client’s psyche. It gives you an exceptional personality compared with different merchants particularly when you trade it on online platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, and so on.

A Legal Assurance

Nobody can utilize your enrolled trademark and in case on the off chance that you question anybody to business that your trademark is duplicated, you can document a case legally and sue them for enlisting your brand name, logo or slogan.

Obtain your Interesting Character

Clients usually distinguish a particular assistance or item just with their brand name. Consequently by enlisting a trademark it assures that contenders ought not utilize it and your trademark remains as a company’s special asset for quite a while.

An Asset

The trademark is consider as a valuable asset as it creates a brand name and prevails in it. And it very well may contracted, traded and franchised in a commercial manner.

Global Documenting of Trademark registration

A trademark which is document and enlist in India can also enrolled in different nations as well. Similarly, outsider brands or companies can also record a trademark enrolled in India.


The system starts from the trademark search step, the search is led utilizing the trademark (™) chief. It is important to have a detail mind the trademark logo and brand name and select the one which isn’t yet enlist by anybody else’s or by any element. The trademark can document whenever it is track down that the choose brand name is special. In case your brand name or logo is already documented by another person simply discover ways to alter or change it with the goal that your registration interaction doesn’t get cancelled.

Class Determination

After choosing the name you have to apply for registration, it is important that you need to apply it in the correct classification of classes. The trademark gives you the option to trade the item or administration under a particular brand name among a certain area in the financial framework.

Preparing the Application

After picking the brand name or logo is remarkable, it tends to enrolled with the recommended application by drafting the authorization letter. At that point round out the application form with all the required reports for the registration interaction.

Reports needed for Free trademark registration

A formal letter which is properly endorse by you allows us to enroll for the free trademark registration in Chennai measure. After accepting the authorization letter with all required records, you can document the application online with endorsed expense payment. After the verification cycle, you will get the confirmation of the application, once getting this, you can get the option to utilize the ™ image.

During the free trademark registration in Che measure, the archives you need to give are referenced underneath:

  • Applicant’s name
  • Sort of business
  • Destinations of Business
  • Registration address
  • Brand/logo/slogan name

Personality evidence and Business verifications

The trademark proprietor or the individual who is enable by the trademark proprietor needs to introduce their personality confirmation, for example, Aadhar card, passport, driving permit, ration card, citizen’s id and so on.

Utilizing Logo with Tagline

In case a trademark application is made for a tagline of the company or business with just words then there is no requirement for a business logo. Assuming it is a logo, it ought to recorded in black and white format. The quantity of words in the logo should match exactly the same as alluded in the application for a trademark cycle.

Form 48

At that point an attorney is authorize to submit for the trademark application to the Trademark registrar. The trademark client affidavit ought to record if an argument for the past trademark is make in the application.

Documents of Trademark Registration

Utilizing the advent of technological advances, nowadays, the registration interaction of free trademark registration in Coimbatore can be done on the web and it is an extremely straightforward cycle. And with the assistance of an enlisted Trademark attorney, you can record online free trademark registration in Chennai with no extra exertion like visiting the vault office.

The Vienna Codification Cycle Vienna codification is one of the crucial strides in the trademark interaction as it is an international classification which is given to your free trademark registration in Coimbatore once you fill the application form and at this stage, your application will be signified as – ‘Sent for Vienna codification.”

The Examination of Trademark Once the trademark application is petition for Vienna classification, the trademark will investigate by the Trademark official according to the predetermined terms and conditions. Contingent upon the certain rules and methodology, the official may dismiss or accept the application according to his/her wisdom.

Hearing before concern Trademark Register/official In case, your trademark application is dismiss, at that point you can go for a hearing and assuming the official gets persuaded with the submitted records, the application will be accepted. And in case, the official isn’t persuade, the application will dismiss.

Trademark images and its utilizations

R symbol

After a trademark is enroll, the applicant can start out utilizing the ® image to mean that the trademark is document and shield from violation according to the Trademark laws.

C symbol

™ Image utilized by the trademarks which are unregistered. And this image is consequently use to point that a trademark application exists in the free trademark registration in Chennai measure.

SM symbol

‘SM’ image is utilize in the assistance business, especially for administration applications which are enlisted under class 35-45.

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